We Love: Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers {By Erin Benzakein and Lynn Byczynski}

We love the book Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers written and photographed by Lynn Byczynski and Erin Benzakein for many reasons. First and foremost would be the approachable nature of the context and photos. This is a book for everyone and an honest look at wedding designs during the recent desire to turn back the pages to a simple more natural style of arranging flowers. There is even a companion tutorial DVD included which is perfect for those who want more than a static page can offer.  Lynn Byczynski is widely known in the community of flower farming and farming local product. Her book, The Flower Farmer, is one of the best to read on the subject, especially when starting out and is also worthy of a feature here on our blog so stay tuned! Lynn also is the editor/publisher of Growing For Market, established in 1992. These women know their field!

fresh 1The tutorials and photos in this collaborative book are useful for beginners and for veterans, as we believe there is never enough experience in seeing how things are created by others. Erin Benzakein’s story is enchanting, her farm amazing, and her gifts to the world of sharing flower farming and arranging knowledge is quickly making her a household name and the darling cover of many magazines. We adore her just as much and the glimpse into her true thoughts an family life in the Floret Flower Blog. Here is Erin’s blog post on the book. Below are some of our favorite arrangements as well as photos of Erin and her daughter working together.

fresh 2 Fresh 3There really is so much to love about the people living their dreams and sharing them with the rest of us who consider joining them. For new designers and the budding bride, there is  so much to learn and see in Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers ; a book that gives a great appreciation for the time and skill it takes to arrange flowers for a gathering and event and realistic expectations on all fronts. This book is not physically large, yet is full of well crafted advice on the why, where, when, and how of every subject from local flower finding and use to why certain flowers will not work or whether one is truly meant for DIY wedding flowers and what that enormous commitment entails. We believe if one is to attempt DIY, this is a must read for the truth about what works and what will cause stress and delay and what options are best to achieve the look. Kudos to the authors!

fresh 5fresh 6This photo in particular has been a personal favorite for over a year and was printed and taped on the wall of the studio for a long time. All photos are from the website www.floretflowers.com.