Flowerwild Workshop


Maycamas Ranch is nestled deep in the heart of Napa, California. It was there that Kate Holt of Flowerwild greeted us (attendees of her workshop) with open arms. It was also there, surrounded by beauty, that we formed new friends and learned from a pioneer in the shift of floral design in our changing world. Kate was so lovely to meet because she is simply and authentically Kate. She cares about our craft, our world, and our community. As I moved through each new day at the ranch I began to see the simplest principles that get lost in the every day event industry: quality over volume, honing one’s specific style, the true value of one’s time and creativity. If those elements are missing from the business of an artist it can cause a ripple of unwanted changes that lead one to stray away from why they chose flowers in the first place (or any career/passion for that matter). Floral design is rarely extremely profitable, but there must be a balance between making soulful designs that are commissioned by people who appreciate its value, and the ‘copy and paste’ rampant in today’s creative industry.

The sights and sounds, mixed with my photo journal and notebook, are so precious to me. I am sharing just a piece because like any soulful journey it is meant to be kept close to your heart. Jose Villa was there on the final day taking photos of our work. Once we all got past being a little star struck by watching Jose and Kate work together, the entire group had the most fun. It was the perfect retreat and Kate was an ambassador of change to us all. By sharing her world, she inspired us to go home and find our niche, find our community, and thrive. Making romantic garden style arrnagements is very fulfilling, but if you find yourself interested in a workshop you may want to ask yourself, “What is it I am trying to learn? Will this help to be more in touch with a style that speaks to me?”. The more we do this kind of introspection, the easier it is to find our place and the best people to help guide us along the way.

{The photographs were taken by me and the lovely logo work on fabric was by the talented Pitbulls and Posies}

Thank you so much Kate!

b  There was lavender everywhere. So much so that the breeze was as calming as it was gentle and warm. Below is some scenery as I trekked through the hills to get to Napa Valley.d e f ff g h    Our model was beautiful and kind enough to hike, canoe, pose barefoot, and hold heavy bouquets all while looking radiant for the camera.imo